When two low-level criminals scam a vicious London mob and are blamed for the death of their handler, they flee to rural Greece to avoid the bloody repercussions. But escape isn’t that simple.

Full Synopsis

When two low-level criminals, Ant and Dick, accidentally scam a vicious London mob, they find themselves dragged into a dark and dangerous world. Blamed for the death of their handler, Clarkey, they flee to rural Greece, hoping to set up a new life and escape the bloody repercussions.

However, discovering they’ve been tracked down by a ruthless killer who has secretly infiltrated their house party, and desperate to expose the unknown hitman, Ant becomes increasingly paranoid until a violent showdown tests both his and Dick’s resolve. Who will survive?

  • Duration: 90 mins
  • Genre: Crime Drama
  • Expected Completion Date: Nov 2024
  • Director: Zak Fenning
  • Writers: Roy Rivett / Zak Fenning

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